Information quality and security policy

The Directorate of OmniaElectronics assumes the responsibility of implementing and maintaining a Quality Management and Information Security System that allows the company to occupy a position of reference within the sector of marketing components and appliances electronics for use in the aeronautical sector, defence, aerospace and industry in general.

Said Management System has been developed taking into account the
following scope: Information Systems that support the processes of “DISTRIBUTION OF COMPONENTS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR THE AERONAUTICAL, AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE SECTOR” and the following principles:

  • Compliance with the quality and security requirements of the information of the interested parties, in order to guarantee a close service with a level of quality that meets their expectations and to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information..
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, ensuring the safety of people, facilities and information.
  • Continuous improvement. We have to aim for continuous improvement. We must evolve in line with new communication and organisational techniques, which means making progress on information security protection measures, in line with the risk management strategy, defined in the relevant risk analysis procedure and current treatment plan.
  • Be appropriate to the context of the organization and its strategic plan.
  • Involve, motivate and engage staff in order to seek their participation in the development and implementation of the Integrated Management System and in improving information security. To this end, permanent training programmes are established, which will provide staff with a high level of qualification to carry out the activities covered by the System.

The Directorate undertakes to carry out periodic reviews of the Integrated
Management System and to provide the necessary means to ensure its
evolution, adaptation and improvement. The Directorate also undertakes to define Information Quality and Security Objectives consistent with this Policy and to review them regularly to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. The guidelines for action that emerge from this Policy are set out in the Quality Manual, which constitutes, together with the documentation derived from it, a guide and a point of reference for the organization in terms of quality. This policy is communicated to stakeholders and is mandatory in the organization.

Signed Gianluca Aprea, 23/04/23