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Omniaelectronics is a leading integrator and manufacturer of electronic components and appliances focused on high tech, aerospace and defense market. The company has been awarded AS/EN 9120:2010 and ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation, which is the highest qualification for military and aerospace market.

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To consolidate the internal multidisciplinary engineering and project management skills in 2020 we set up an internal spin off as full chain integrator for high end projects, leading all the process starting from product design to delivery.

Our products

One of our core competence is assisting customers in the long term programs, supporting them from the design of new projects offering technical support for dfm, from prototype to the production.

Our services

Omnia offers a wide spectrum of engineering related services, covering all the design phases starting from the initial sketches of a product up to the full production and logistic services.

20 years being leaders in the manufacture and integration of components

Our values are the innovation, the people, the integrity and the customers. We provide value added services making itself a full solution partner.

We will also directly manage industrialization, manufacturing activities, electromechanical design, preproduction activities etc.

Quality commitment

As a qualified company AS9120:2010; We are committed to driving the continuous improvement of our quality management, to provide our customers with high-quality products with clear traceability. We apply strict quality control at every stage of production, from the selection and procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

What do our inspections and quality tests include?

We lead the entire process from product design to delivery

Research and Development (R&D) teams

Continuous training

We operate in 5 countries

360-degree vision

Quality management

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Head office and warehouse is situated in Madrid, we have branches in Italy, UK and Honk Kong. These facilities allow us to operate locally but on a global scale.


Years of experience


Present in 5 countries


We work for more than 10 industrial sectors